Induction of new batch will commence in Decemember 2015 and the Academic session of new batch (5th batch) at QIMS will commence in January 2016. Students & parents are required to read the prospectus carefully before filling the admission forms.

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Selection Criteria

Qualification. Minimum qualification for a candidate for admission to MBBS course is FSc (Pre Medical).

Marks. The applicant must obtain at least 60% unadjusted marks in FSc (Pre Medical) / equivalent examination as per PMDC rules.

Foreign Qualification. Applicants having passed examination of foreign university / examining body must produce equivalence certificate from Chairman Inter-Board Committee (IBC) Islamabad or Balochistan Board.

Admission Policy

Initially all admissions will be provisional.

Any candidate whose particulars, documents, authentication is found doubtful, fabricated or false will have his / her admission cancelled

and will not be entitled to claim any refund whatsoever.If a candidate once selected for admission in QIMS wishes to leave the institution before the start of 1st year MBBS classes then there shall be 100% refund of all deposited fees except for the one time admission fee. If the candidate leaves the institute within 1 month from the date of commencement of 1st year MBBS classes whether he/she attends the classes or not during this period then there shall be 50% refund of the deposited fee except one time admission fee. No fee will be refundable thereafter. The academic activities start with one weekorientation classes which are mandatory and part of MBBS course. If a seat in any category falls vacant it will be filled by next candidate on the merit list of same category.In case the adjusted marks of two candidates are equal the candidate securing higher marks in entry test shall be ranked higher on merit. If entry test marks are also equal the candidates securing higher marks in FSc will be ranked higher on merit. If all criteria are equal individual with higher age will be selected.Foreign applicant(s) seeking admission in 1st year MBBS, who are foreign residents abroad and are unable to appear in entry test in Pakistan are required to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT-I & SAT-II) or Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) as applicable.Students who’s names are “STUCK OFF” from other medical colleges an account of failure to qualify First and Second Prof examinations after availing all admissible chances will not be eligible for migration or fresh admission in QIMS. If at any stage it is proved that any candidate has been admitted on the basis of false /incorrect document or information, his / her admission will be cancelled and all fees paid will be forfeited. (Last date of objection is within 15 days in any category).

Allocation of Seats. 100 seats are available for admission in QIMS. Allocation of seats in various categories is as under:

Open Merit Category (60 Seats).Candidates applying for open merit seats will not be considered for subsidized seats.

  • Residents of Balochistan ─ 48 Seats (80%)
  • Residents of Rest of the Country ─ 12 Seats (20%)

Subsidized Category (20 Seats).

  • Candidates applying for subsidized seats will not be considered for Open Merit.
  • These seats are subject to availability of 80% subsidy by Government of Balochistan & 20 % of annual fee deposit by the selected candidate.
  • 18 seats are distributed on Divisional Merit ( 3 seats/Division-18 Seats)
  • Quetta Division
  • Sibi Division
  • Naseerabad Division
  • Kalat Division
  • Zhob Division
  • Makran Division

  • 01 seat reserved for minorities
  • 01 seat for Wards of Shuhada. Candidate will be required to produce documentary evidence from concerned  department/Government. If no applicant is available in this category, this seat will be given to ward of faculty member of QIMS (with minimum 2 Years Service in QIMS). If still no candidate is available in this category, than candidate with highest overall merit in subsidized divisional category be selected.
  • To be eligible for subsidized seat, candidate must belong to low income family group with parents documented income less than Rs 50,000/- per month. Documentary proof of the fact is required with validation from relevant department / authority. Provision of documentary proof is the responsibility of the candidate. Only duly verified documents will be accepted. Without verified documents no application will be accepted.

For assessing financial status of the student following documents will be required.

Income Certificate issued by DC Office.

Income Tax Return.

Pay Slip (Latest).

Landed Property Documents.

Students selected for MBBS/BDS Courses in Public Sector Medical Colleges / BMC are not eligible for selection against subsidized seats in QIMS.

Gross salary, instead of net salary, be considered in case of salaried parents.

Siblings of students already admitted in subsidized category in present or previous sessions will not be admitted in this category to give privilege to other poor families of Balochistan.

Commencement and subsequent continuation of course/ session by the selected student against subsidized seat would be subject to provision of 80% subsidy by Government of Balochistan and deposit of 20% of fee annually by the students.

Wards of Army Personnel (Serving /Retired ) – (5 Seats)3 seats are reserved for wards of serving Army personnel while 2 are for wards of retired Army personnel as recommended by W&R Directorate.

Wards of Law Enforcement Agencies (5 Seats)As recommended by their department/ authorities.

Students selected in this category will pay regular/ normal fee.

Wards of Shuhada will be given preference and may be considered for sponsorship / subsidy by   Government/FC/Donor Agency as the case may be.

Foreign Students (10 Seats).

Reserved for Overseas Pakistanis/ Foreign Nationals.

Only those overseas students will be allowed admission in QIMS who’s parents/ legal guardians (not   relatives) reside in a foreign country for job/business purpose and should produce their passport and work permit.

Afghan Foreign students are required to be confirmed by Afghan Consulate prior to admission.

Admission ProcessInduction of new batch will commence in October/November. Admission will be conducted as per following process:

Only prospectus / admission forms for the current year will be valid for fresh admission in QIMS. Prospectus fee will be as under:

Prospectus Fee

Entrance Test Fee (will not be charged from candidates who produce receipt of fee deposited for Entrance Test along with BMC registration)

Entrance Test. Single entrance test will be conducted under the provincial admission authorities for both public sector and private sector medical colleges (Incase the QIMS is affiliated with National University of Medical Sciences Islamabad (NUMS) a separate entry test for QIMS will be conducted). Students applying from other provinces are not required to appear in entrance test conducted in Balochistan. They have to appear in entry test of their home province and have to produce their entrance test result for admission in QIMS.

Entry Test FormatThis test will be objective type having a total of 100 marks. Subjects included are:

Biology                -        45 questions

Chemistry            -        30 questions

Physics                 -        20 questions

English                 -          5 questions

Matriculation       -        10%

FSc                       -        40%

Entry Test            -        50%

Documents Required.

Matric / ‘O’ level certificate with marks sheet (2 Copies).

FSc / ‘A’ level certificate with marks sheet (2 Copies).

Local / Domicile Certificate (2 Copies).

CNIC / Form ‘B’ (2 Copies).

Passport size & ID card size photographs (3 each).

Result of entry Test.

Admission process fee in shape of Bank Draft / Pay Order payable to QIMS.

Income certificate, income tax return, pension book, other documents as proof of income (for subsidized category only) duly signed by Deputy Commissioner of concerned district.

Departmental Certificate for shuhada, Army Personnel & LEA Category’s.

Attested photocopies of passport(for foreign students).

Finalization of Merit List

The final provisional merit list (category wise) will be displayed on QIMS website and QIMS Notice Board.

Candidates will be allowed 7 days for any correction of their result (along with documentary proof) or challenge result of any other candidate (along with documentary proof).

After expiry of this period no objection on the merit list will be accepted.

Physical checking

  • Vision
  • Audition
  • Blood Pressure
  • Hepatitis C
  • Blood CP
  • X-Ray Chest
  • Psychological/ IQ Test
  • Hepatitis C Vaccination


Admission Fee & Tuition Fee: Students are required to make all payments through Bank Draft or Pay Order only, payable to QIMS. Admission fee will be charged (only once) at the time of admission.

Final Selection Letter:  Final selection letter will be issued on submission of admission form along with all documents (in original) and payment of all dues. Payment of admission fee and tuition fee in installments will not be accepted (except in special cases as mentioned in fee structure policy)

Student Registration. Lists of students admitted in the QIMS will be submitted by the QIMS authorities to PM&DC and UoB for their provisional registration immediately after finalization of admission.

Registration with PM&DC. Students will be required to fill PM&DC Registration Form and will complete its formalities along with registration fee.

Registration with University of Balochistan. Student will be required to fill UoB Registration Form and will complete its formalities. It is the responsibility of the selected candidates to cancel their registration with other Universities if any, prior to their registration as QIMS medical student by the University of Balcohistan.

Students Membership

Hostel Membership. Students desiring hostel accommodation must fill hostel allotment form and submit hostel fee in shape of Demand Draft / Pay Order in favor of QIMS. Hostel allotment will be made as per SOP on the subject only after deposit of hostel dues.

Library MembershipTo avail the facility of library student will complete the library membership form and will submit to concerned department.

Cantt Entry Pass. Students admitted in the QIMS will be issued Cantt Entry Pass form for the convenience of student.

Student ID Card. Student ID card form will be issued by Student Affairs through IT&Telecom Department.

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