ADMISSION APPLICATION FORM
Please complete all sections. Incomplete/illegible forms will not be considered.
Please tick only one from these five categories. 
If applying for subsidized category, income has to be less than Rs 50,000 per month. Income includes i.e  all sources salary, business, rent, land etc. Attach certificate of income duly signed by DC of respective district. Subsidized category application without certificate of DC is not acceptable and will be rejected.

Personal Details:

Parents/Guardian's Details:

For Wards of Shuhada only

(Please attach Government/Departmental Proof/Certification)
Academic History:
F.Sc(Per Medical)/Equivalent:
certify that the above information is correct. I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the admissions procedure. If any Information is found incorrect, I understand that may application will be rejected.
I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the college, described in prospectus.
I have adequate financial resources to support my studies at the College.
I have fully understood the college fee structure and would abide by the rulings.
I will not object to any additional charges levied in the future by the Government, University or College.
Admission Processing Fee:

                                                                   College Session

The Academic session of new batch (3rd batch) at QIMS will commence in December 2013/January 2014.

                                                                  Allocation of Seats

100 seats are available for admission in 3rd Batch of QIMS in session 2013-2014. Allocation of seats in various categories is as under:

OPEN MERIT (60 Seats)

80% students from Balochistan (48 Seats)

20% students from rest of country (12 Seats)

* Candidates applying for open merit seats will not be considered for subsidized seats.


For deserving students of Balochistan, based on divisional merit (representing each division in subsidized category).

  • Candidates applying for subsidized seats will not be considered for open merit seats.
  1. To be eligible for subsidized seat, candidate must belong to low income family group with parent’s documented income less than Rs 50,000/ per month. Documentary proof of the fact would be required with validation from relevant department/ authorities.
  2. Financial status of the student regarding affordability may be assessed by a board which may require income tax returns, local council certification, property and NADRA records.
  3. Subsidized seats are limited in number with equal representation from every Division of Balochistan and selection against those seats would be based on divisional merit while maintaining basic / minimal PMDC criteria of enrolment in medical colleges.
  4. Students selected in Public Sector Medical Colleges / BMC are not eligible for selection against subsidized seats in QIMS.
  5. Commencement and subsequent continuation of course/ session by the selected student against subsidized seat would be subject to provision of subsidy by Government of Balochistan (and donar agencies where applicable) and advance deposition of 20% of the dues annually by the students.



5 seats reserved for wards of armed forces personnel (serving/retired/shuhada) as recommended by W&R Directorate.

5 seats reserved for wards of law enforcement agencies as recommended by their department/authorities.

* Students selected in this category will pay regular/ normal fee.

* Wards of shuhada will be given preference and may be considered for sponsorship/     subsidy by Government/FC/Donor Agency as the case may be.



Reserved for Overseas Pakistani/Foreign Nationals

  • Only those overseas students will be allowed admission in QIMS who’s parents/legal guardians (not relatives) reside in a foreign country for job/business purposes and should produce their passport and work permit.



One seat reserved for minorities out of total admissions.


Admission Policy

All students will be selected purely on merit basis.


Selection Criteria

Minimum qualification for a candidate for admission to MBBS course is the F.Sc (pre-medical).

The applicant must obtain at least 60% unadjusted marks in F.Sc (pre-medical)/ equivalent examination as per PMDC rules.

Applicants having passed examination of foreign university/examining body must produce equivalence certificate from chairman inter-board committee (IBCC) Islamabad or Balochistan Board.

Initially all admissions will be provisional. Any candidate whose particulars, documents, authentication is found doubtful, fabricated or false, will have his/her admission cancelled, and will not be entitled to claim any category of refund whatsoever.


 If a candidate once selected for admission in QIMS

  1. Wishes to leave the institution before the start of 1st year MBBS classes then there shall be 100% refund of all deposited fees except for the one time admission fee.
  2. If the candidate leaves the institution within 2 months from the date of commencement of 1st year MBBS classes then there shall be 50% refund of the deposited fee except one time admission fee.
  3. No fee will be refundable thereafter.
  • If a seat in any category falls vacant,it will be filled bynext candidate on the merit list of same category. In case no candidate is available in same category, all vacant seats will be filled by candidates on merit of the open/other category (less two seats which may be filled at the discretion of competent authority.

In case the adjusted marks of two candidates are equal, the candidate securing higher marks in entry test shall be ranked higher on merit. If entry test marks are also equal, then candidates securing higher marks in F.Sc will be ranked higher on merit.

Foreign applicant or applicants seeking admission to 1st year MBBS who are resident abroad & are unable to appear in entry test in Pakistan, are required to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT-I & SAT-II) or Medical College Admission Test(MCAT) as applicable.


Candidates applying for entry test will have to submit:

  • Completed application form
  • Attested photocopies of:
  1. Matric/O Level Certificate with Marks Sheet (2 copies)
  2. F.Sc Certificate with Marks Sheet (2 copies)
  3. Local/Domicile Certificate (2 copies)
  4. Equivalency Certificate (2 copies - if applicable)
  5. CNIC/Form ’B’ (2 copies)
  6. Passport Size & ID Size Photographs (3 each)
  7. Admission Process fee Draft/ Pay Order of Rs. 2,500/- (USD 50 for foreign students only)
  8. Income certificate, income tax return, pension book,other documents as proof of income (for subsidized category only)

Note: If at any stage it is proved that any candidate has been admitted on the basis of false/incorrect documents or information, his/her admission will be cancelled & all fees paid will be forfeited.



Final merit lists will be declared according to the notified date in major national daily newspapers, internet and will also be displayed on QIMS notice board as well as on QIMS website.

Entry Test Format

The provincial Central Authority of Balochistan will hold a CENTRAL ENTRY TEST for admission in MBBS/BDS for both QIMS & BMC in order to determine the order of merit. The candidates desirous to take admission in QIMS will be required to get admission form & prospectus (for Session 2013-2014) from QIMS admission branch. (Only those candidates who fulfill criteria for admission in MBBS as laid down by PM&DC will be allowed to obtain prospectus/ submit application form).

The test will be objective type having a total of 100 marks. Subjects included are:

Biology            _________      45 questions

Chemistry        _________      30 questions

Physics             _________      20 questions

English             _________      5 questions

Final merit for selection will be calculated as follows:

Matriculation  =          10%

F.Sc                  =          40%

Entry Test        =          50%


Finally selected candidates will be interviewed for personality, physical assessments and aptitude for medical education. This may also be carried out via video conferencing.

Admission Process


Issuance of admission forms & prospectus

Last date for submission of admission forms

Entrance test

Result of entrance test

Order of merit

Final selection/Interviews (if required)

Last date for payment of admission/ academic fees as per intimation by QIMS authorities.

(* Fees are required to be paid by due date as lump sum payment. Failing to pay the dues in time may lead to cancellation of selection and seat will be offered to the candidate next on merit).

Hostel fee (if applicable) before joining hostel.

New Session starts on 1st Jan 2014.

Only prospectus/admission forms for the new session (2013-2014) will stand valid for fresh admissions.

Please download the form and send in completed form alongwith requsite documents by mail to the undersigned

alongwith a bank draft in the name of "Principal Quetta Institute Of Medical Sciences" for Rs 4,500.




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Students Registration

Lists of students admitted in the QIMS will be submitted by the QIMS authorities to PMDC for their provisional registration immediately after finalization of admission.


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