Assistant Professors/HoD


Dr Hanif Khilji,                     

MBBS, M.Com.H, DLO (Oto-Rhinolaryngology)                                                         


Curriculum of Community Medicine is planned to prepare the students to become community-oriented physicians and thereby contribute effectively to the healthcare system of the Country. It includes the study and application of wide range of social sciences, concepts of health economics, human behavior, socio-anthropology and social determinants of health and disease. 

The study of epidemiology, demography and bio-statistics is introduced at appropriate stages. Special emphasis is given to the planning and management of primary healthcare system and students are involved in fieldwork under the guidance and supervision of experienced staff.




 Assistant Professors

Brig ® Saleem Ullah      MBBS, MPH, Msc, EMBA, DDM


Senior Lecturer

Lt Col Dr Talat Mehmood

MBBS, Msc, Master of Public Health


Brig Usman Zahir,                 MBBS

Dr Azadi Khan,    MBBS

Dr Javaria Zia      MBBS

Dr Nayab Gul      MBBS

Dr Ayesha Ishaq,  MBBS

Medical Social Workers

Dr Nazish Jawed,                 MBBS

Dr Sana Rehman              MBBS            



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