Prof Dr Asghar Hussain

MBBS, MPhil                                                                      


The interaction of human body with the environment, concepts of biological control of systems and biophysics of cell membranes is given special emphasis in the syllabus of Physiology. The subject includes study of functions of major organs and systems of the body, with special emphasis on the functions of behavior, internal homeostasis, voluntary and involuntary motor control. Laboratory work form an important and integral part of the subject during which demonstrations in Physiology laboratory are given on electronic machines, analyzing blood, measuring pulmonary, muscular and nerve functions etc. Course is completed by conducting lectures, PBL Sessions, tutorials, clinically oriented classes, workshops & practical.




Prof Dr Asghar Hussain



Assistant Professor

Dr Zahra Rashid Khan

MBBS, M.Phil(Pathology)


Dr Ayesha Mushtaq, MBBS

Dr Zunaira Adil,     MBBS

Dr Misbah Asghar, MBBS

Dr M Sajjad,          MBBS

Dr Lubna Afridi,    MBBS

Dr M. Bilal,           MBBS

Dr Khush Bakht,    MBBS

Dr Bushra Feroz,   MBBS



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