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Biochemistry course is structured into following three distinct portions in order to provide a logical approach to the subject: 
1. Nature of bio-molecules 
2. Study of synthesis, breakdown and biological functions of essential bio- molecules. 
3. Understanding of chemical and molecular processes which form the basis of health and disease.

Laboratory practicals are held to assist in elucidating the concepts discussed in lectures and seminars. Students are introduced to the concepts of clinical biochemistry and modem techniques used in the clinical service and basic research laboratones. Hands-on training 1s provided in various procedures to familianze the students with scientific basis of modern methods.


Dr. Muhammad Masoom Kasi
MBBS, D.C Path, M.Phil (Biochem),
M.Phil (Morbid Anatomy & Histo Pathology)


Dr. Abdul Samad

MBBS, M.Phil (Physiology) 

Asst. Professor

Dr. Dr. Amna Ihsan

MBBS, M.Phil


Dr. Zahra Nazir, MBBS

Dr. Narmeen Latif, MBBS

Dr. Khansa Kiani, MD

Dr. Nadia Sarosh, MBBS

Dr. Aimen Nasir, MBBS