100 seats are available at maximum in QIMS Candidates of all categories shall apply to NUMS for appearing in Admission Test (Entry Test) as per NUMS admission policy.

                                                         Allocation of seats in various categories are as under:

a. Balochistan Open Merit Category- 45 Seats

45 Seats (open merit) are reserved for candidates who holds the local/domicile certificates of Balochistan. The candidates seeking admission in the category shall apply to NUMS for Medical Entry Test & admission as per NUMS & QIMS admission policy. Candidates applying for one category will not be considered for any other category.

bOpen Merit/ Foreign Applicant – 12 Seats 

Candidates seeking admission in this category shall apply for NUMS for medical entry test and admissions in QIMS. A combined list of candidates from all the provinces (except Balochistan) will be prepared on merit by NUMS through which the final selection will be made.

(1) Apply to NUMS for admission on merit. For admission in the 2020-21 session a student seeking admission in Pakistan          shall be treated as “Foreign Student” He/She falls in one of the following categories.  

a. A student who is a foreign national and does not hold Pakistani nationality and has obtained the HSSC 12th grade                examination or equivalent from outside Pakistan.

b. Any student who is a non-resident Pakistani or dual national including a dual national an seeks admission on basis of           SAT II and having obtained their HSSC, 12th grade examination or equivalent from outside Pakistan.

c. Paying Cadets/Additionally Selected Cadets(ASC)/Shuhada/War Wounded Personnel (WWP)- 10 Seats

Candidate’s for this category shall apply to NUMS for admission test (entry test). Selection will be made by the W&R Directorate, GHO. 10 seats are reserved for wards of serving/Retired Army Personnel and wards of employees paid from defense estimates, wards of WWP and Shuhada,

d. Medical Cadets (MC)-05 Seats:

Selected by PA Directorate, GHQ. Candidates shall apply through Army Selection & Recruitment Center (AS&RC)

e. Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA’s) Balochistan – 05 Seats

Wards of serving LEA’s, preferably wards of LEA’s shuhada (FC (North & South), Police, Levies. Constabulary) and wards of admin staff in the above mentioned departments having Balochistan (local/domicile only) are eligible to apply in this category. Students selected for the category will pay regular normal fee. Candidates shall apply to NUMS for entry test & admission . These is no seat allocation for wards of Retired LEA’s.

f. subsidized Category -23 Seats

(1) Candidates shall apply to NUMS for Medical Entry Test. For admission, candidates will have to apply both NUMS and            QIMS

(2) 21 seats are distributed on divisional merit (3 seats/ Division) as under:

(a) Quetta Division – 3 Seats
(b) Naseerabad Division – 3 Seats
(c) Zhob Division – 3 Seats
(d) Rakhshan Division – 3 Seats
(e) Sibi Division – 3 Seats
(f)  Kalat Division -3 Seats
(g) Makran Division – 3 Seats

g. Allocation of remaining 2 Balochistan Subsidized seats: 

       (1) 01 seat of subsidized category is reserved for minorities having Balochistan local / domicile (Civilian only).
       (2) 01 seat is reserved for wards of Shuhada Balochistan (Balochistan local/domicile civilian only).
       (3) If no applicant is available or qualified for this seat, then candidate with highest overall merit in subsidized                              divisional category shall be selected.


a. Candidates applying for subsidized seats will not be considered for Balochistan open merit category.

b. Students selected for MBBS / BDS courses in public sector medical colleges of Balochistan and other provinces are not eligible for selection against subsidized seats in QIMS to give privilege to other poor families of Balochistan.

c.These seats are subject to availability of 80% subsidy by Government of Balochistan and 20% of annual fee deposit by the selected candidate.

d. Commencement and subsequent continuation of course / session by the selected student again st subsidized seat would be subject to provision of 80% subsidy by Government of Balochistan and deposit of 20% of fee annually by the students.

e. To be eligible for subsidized seat, candidate must belong to a low income family group with parents documented income less than Rs 50,000/- per month. Documentary proof of the fact is required with validation from relevant department / authority (verifying authority Deputy Commissioner only).Provision of documentary proof is the responsibility of the candidate. Only duly verified documents will be accepted. Without verified documents no application will be accepted.

f. Intelligence ground verification is conducted in respect of subsidized category candidates to verify their financial status. Candidates recommended by in intelligence verification report shall be eligible for this category.

g. Salary / income / pension of the parent or guardian at the date & time of selection / interview will be considered.

h. If the total monthly income of both father and mother exceeds Rs.50,000/- per month, the candidate will not be eligible for this category.

i. Gross salary, instead of net salary, is considered in case of salaried parents.

j. Siblings of students already admitted in subsidized category in present or previous sessions will not be admitted in this category to give privilege to other poor families of Balochistan.

k. Last date for submission of objection on any candidate of subsidized category is two weeks after commencement of classes.

l.After a lapse of one month from commencement of classes, objections particularly regarding income& local/domicile status of the candidate of subsidized category, even proved valid by the court of law, will not be considered for admission in QIMS and no seat will be reserved for him / her in the next session.

m. If any student of subsidized category wasted one or more years due to failing in any professional exam, or stand ineligible to appear in professional exam (Annual / Bi-annual) due to shortage of attendance (below 75%), neither QIMS nor GoB, vide letter from Finance Department GoB Section -III dated 3rd Oct 2018, for extra years of study will provide financial support for the extra years of studies.

General Disciplinary Rules and Regulation

All the rules & Regulations framed by PMC/ HEC / NUMS / QIMS not highlighted in the website , are applicable as amended from time to time pertaining to admission/ academics/ evaluation / discipline / migration / Seat withdrawal/ fee structure etc.